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There are numerous important and helpful insurances available to landlords. On our website you are able to obtain a quote
for each of the following insurances, or you may wish to speak to one of our staff;
Rent Guarantee insurance is a very popular policy that enables a landlord peace of mind that they are protected in the
event of the tenant failing to pay the rent. Arrears up to £15,000 are covered per claim, with an excess of one month’s rent.
The rent guarantee insurance policy also comes with additional important covenants, key details are;
i. Covers unpaid rent if a tenant refuses to pay and/or vacate the property
ii. Cover provided for working tenants, DSS and Students (DSS and Students will require a guarantor)
iii. £25,000 for the landlord’s legal costs including to pursue legal case for damages or injunctions against tenants who
breach the term and conditions of their tenancy agreement
iv. Covers costs associated with evicting a tenant up to £25,000
v. Rent cover is provided for up to 12 months or until vacant possession is gained whichever happens the soonest
vi. Legal cover continues to run beyond the policy expiry date in the event of a claim until settled
Legal disputes are often costly and stressful to pursue or defend. Many people are deterred from taking legal action be-
cause of the fnancial risk and uncertainty of the outcome. This is where Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) can help. Unlike
conventional insurance, LEI does not make a direct payment for a claim. Instead, the insurance covers the legal costs
involved in pursuing or defending a claim. Legal costs include the appointments of solicitors, barrister’s and expert witness.
In many cases, the LEI provider manages the claim from start to fnish. Keys facts;
i. One policy per property – not per person/tenant
ii. Cover legal & professional costs
iii. Covers costs associated with evicting a tenant
iv. Tenancy agreement disputes
v. FREE legal helpline
vi. 12 month policy with immediate cover
vii. No restriction on the number of claims within a policy period
viii. Specialist defence lawyers
ix. Defence costs associated with being the landlord for civil & criminal proceedings including counter claims
Landlords must insure their properties. The building insurance can include all types of covenants in order to protect a
landlord in all eventualities, fully comprehensive landlords insurance can cover;
i. Buildings
ii. Loss of rental income
iii. Landlord’s contents (optional)
iv. Integrated domestic appliances (e.g. Dishwasher, washing machines, cookers)
v. Legal protection
vi. Rent recovery
vii. Property owner’s liability
viii. Malicious damage by tenants
ix. Accidental damage
x. Subsidence (subject to acceptance)
xi. Unlimited glass cover
Now there is a brand new insurance product that can save you all the worry and expense of eviction costs. Even the best
tenants can fall behind on their rent and paying out for an expensive eviction service will cost you even more money. For
just a small fee you are already protected if you need to evict a tenant. This product covers all the professional fees, costs
and processes required in the eviction of anyone in your property without your permission. What the insurance covers;
i. Serving of the relevant cover – serving of the initial eviction notice for breach of tenancy agreement
Issuing of the court proceedings - if the tenant still does not leave, issuing of court proceedings against your tenant
iii. Obtaining a court date - Arrange the court date and all your legal papers
iv. Instruction of an advocate
v. Obtaining the procession order - Obtaining a possession order for regaining the property. Includes a court issue fee.
vi. Final removal of the tenant - if your tenant still refuses to leave after the date agreed the date agreed by the court,
arranging the fnal removal of your tenant by court bailiffs.
vii. Cover up to £25,000 of fees and costs
viii. Claims & processes handled by leading property lawyers