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We offer 3 levels of service to clients, our renowned Full
Management service, Rent Collection and Let Only, with
the aim to cover all requirements a landlord requires.
Across the page you will fnd a table showing the features
in each of the services we provide.
Our full management service ensures that every aspect of the lettings
process is dealt with effciently and cost effectively on your behalf.
Whether you live next door or overseas you need the confdence that
your property, either an investment or home to which you will return, is
being professionally looked after. At Anthony Lettings we have a dedi-
cated property management team who will manage issues of compliance
and undertake all matters of repair and maintenance on your behalf. We
can also undertake redecorating or remedial work on your behalf, in all
cases we will keep you advised. All our appointed contractors are reliable,
referenced and we hold copies of their renewed Professional Indemnity
Insurance. With full management we will conduct regular property visits,
normally every three months and advise tenants of any issues of concern,
reporting back to you by email or letter whichever is preferred. Further-
more, we ensure all utility companies are advised of change of tenancies
and up-to-date meter readings.