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I have read & agreed your Landlord Terms of Business
Service required & fees
- As per pages 6 & 7 of the Landlord Prospectus.
I/We con rm the service level we require is:
Full Management
Rent Collection
Tenant Find
- All rental properties with a new tenancy in England & Wales are required by law to have an Energy Performance Certi cate (EPC). An EPC is a
review of the energy ef ciency and environmental impact of all landlords’ property. It covers the running cost for heating, hot water and lighting. It will
also suggest energy saving improvements for all properties and lasts for 10 years.
I/We would like Anthony Lettings to arrange for an EPC
Gas Safety
- All properties with a gas supply must have an ‘Annual Gas Safety Certi cate’. Also it is widely identi ed that most common faults reported
by tenants are boiler breakdowns, so it is highly recommended that at the same time as the annual gas safety inspection the gas engineer carries out a
boiler service. During a service the gas engineer checks and cleans out components, whilst also checking pressures and completing a gas analysis,
which could prevent expensive boiler components breaking, and the resulting costly repairs. Also, Industry Press has highlighted a number of cases
where tenants have been hospitalised due to exposure to carbon monoxide (CO). It is highly recommended to have a CO alarm at all rented properties.
I/We require :
An annual gas safety
Annual gas safety & CO alarm
Annual gas safety & annual boiler service
Annual gas safety, annual boiler service & CO alarm
Annual boiler service & CO alarm None
- An Inventory is a schedule of the condition of a property, taken immediately before the commencement of a Tenancy. Inventories are
required in order to assist in restoring a property to the same condition (fair wear and tear excepted) as the commencement of a Tenancy and can be
used to ascertain areas of responsibility for an out-going tenant. As deposits are protected by Government endorsed schemes it is extremely impor-
tant to have an Inventory to back-up any proposed deduction from a deposit. Anthony Lettings use an independent specialist Inventory company and
a schedule of costs will be available upon request.
I/We require Anthony Lettings to arrange for an Inventory and schedule of condition
- Anthony Lettings will take from the tenant(s) a security deposit equivalent to one month rent or one and half months where applicable.
The Government has awarded contracts to three companies to run the tenancy deposit protection schemes and Anthony Lettings protect deposits
with ‘My Deposits’ charge a fee to protect each deposit and whereby Anthony Lettings hold the deposit the Landlord agrees
to pay the fee, which is currently:
(Nb. This is chargeable each time a set of tenants renew for a further term)
Deep clean scheme
- As per page 2 of the Landlord Prospectus, one of the main issues that arise in the lettings procedure is the cleanliness of a property.
In order to control the dispute levels, Anthony Lettings aim to ensure each property is in a professionally clean condition before each tenancy commences.
A deep/professional clean of a property will leave a property in immaculate condition and if a cleaning certi cate is produced to new tenants, Anthony
Lettings can then ensure the property is in pristine condition for all future tenancies. This being because if any vacating tenants do not return the property in
a professionally clean condition, a deduction can be made from their deposit to return the property to such standard in time for any new tenancy. The cost
of the service depends on the size of the property and a schedule of costs will be available upon request.
I/We would like Anthony Lettings to arrange for a professional clean
Options - 1) Pets allowed at property: Yes No
2) Smoking permitted at property: Yes No
3) Insurance - As per page 4 of the Landlord Prospectus, I/we would like Anthony Lettings to obtain a quote for:
Rent guarantee Buildings insurance Eviction costs
Legal expenses Other
Terms & Conditions -
1. Agent responsibilities
1i) Unless informed otherwise, a “To Let” board will be placed
outside the property.1ii) Anthony Lettings reserve the right to
sign the Tenancy Agreement and Section 21 (Notice to vacate)
on behalf of the Landlord if it is not practical for him/her to sign
personally.1iii) Anthony Lettings reserve the right to charge
prospective Tenants a one-off admin/referencing (Agency) fee
and to offer further letting services in the future.1iv) Anthony
Lettings can take no responsibility for non-payment of gas,
electricity, telephone, water rates and council tax or other
charge, however caused.1v) Where Anthony Lettings collect
the rent, if the rent is more than 14 days overdue Anthony
Lettings will seek instructions from the Landlord (who remains
responsible for the instruction and fees of solicitors if
necessary).1vi) Under the Full Management service, if a limit is
agreed by the Landlord, Anthony Lettings will deal with any
maintenance problems which arise without reference to the
Landlord up to such limit. Otherwise Anthony Lettings will
contact the Landlord for instructions on all maintenance
problems which arise, although Anthony Lettings reserve the
right to act in the Landlords best interest in an emergency.
Anthony Lettings will settle approved invoices from rent
received and this will re ect the Landlord’s monthly statement.
Supervision and organisation of major works is likely to incur an
additional fee, often 10% of the contract sum.1vii) Anthony
Lettings take no responsibility for structural faults, or problems
which are not immediately apparent upon any visit to the
property 1(viii) Anthony Lettings accept no responsibility for
any damage or theft at the property whilst vacant or in between
lettings 1ix) At the end of each Tenancy Agreement Anthony
Lettings will seek the Landlord’s instruction with regard to
re-letting/extensions for current tenants etc. Anthony Lettings
will serve a Section 21 Notice Requiring Repossession where
required but cannot be held responsible for tenant’s failure to
acknowledge receipt nor for any legal action which may prove
2. Landlord responsibilities
2(i) The Landlord, by signing these terms of business, con rms
that he/she is the legal owner of the property, will provide
evidence of ownership and authorises Anthony Lettings to
carry out all of the above points. 2(ii) It is the responsibility of
the Landlord to obtain any necessary consent from Mortgagee,
Head Lessor etc. and to inform Insurers for buildings and
contents. If special Agreements, copies of documents or
special forms are required by mortgagee Anthony Lettings
reserve the right to charge for the additional work involved. 2(iii)
The Landlord agrees to comply with the Furniture and
Furnishings (safety) Regulations 1994; Gas Installation (safety
and uses) Regulations 1996; Electrical Equipment (safety
regulations 1994) and any other regulations that may apply
during Tenancies.
3. General
3(i) Tenancy Agreements can be for periods of up to 3 years,
but more commonly for 1 year, and possibly subject to a
minimum of 6 months. There is a charge of £45+vat for renewal
of existing tenants which involve a new Tenancy Agreement. As
per 1(ix) above, upon each renewal Anthony Lettings will
consult with the Landlord regarding renewal terms such as
renewal price, length and any additional clauses. Upon
renewal, the Landlord will also have the option of a Rolling
Agreement, whereby 2 months possession notice can be
served by the Landlord on each monthly renewal date. On such
Agreement a Tenant can serve 1 months vacation notice on
each renewal date. 3(ii) The Landlord indemni es Anthony
Lettings as agents against any charges incurred or imposed
upon them on the Landlord’s behalf in pursuit of our normal
duties. 3(iii) Under Full Management, either party may
terminate Agency instruction at the end of each Tenancy
Agreement (proving that the Tenant is vacating the property).
This must be in writing 28 days before the end of the Tenancy
Agreement. In the event the Landlord renews directly to the
Tenant, Anthony Lettings shall be entitled to a fee of one
months gross rent. Similarly, the Landlord may terminate
Agency instruction at any time during each Tenancy Agreement
with 28 days notice in writing, and if the tenants found by
Anthony Lettings are to remain at the property, Anthony
Lettings shall be entitled to a fee of one month’s gross rent.
Landlord Terms of Business
Deposit Fee
Agreed Percentage Fee
Agreed Fixed Fee
Signed by Landlord
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